12 Movies That Inspire Wanderlust

Having not been abroad in a while I started to get that itch and nothing really helps stir it more than movies about people travelling whether physically or mentally its all the same.  This list is my quick guide to motivate you to get off your hump and get exploring as nothing is more satisfying.

    1. The Motorcycle Diaries – “The Method was improvisation” This movie sums up what it is like to hit the road for travel and have no expectations and just the open road and nothing else before you.  It inspired me to read more of Che and to really understand how his opinions were formed and the sheer brilliance of the man.  A journeyman is in all of us, but some just don’t know it as of yet.  This movie could make even the lazy want to get out and explore this vast expanse we call earth. 
    2. Seven Years in Tibet – “When your climbing your mind is clear”  As of late I have got into climbing more and it has been a form of meditation for me now that I miss when I can’t get on the wall.  This movie combines that passion as well as the love of exploration to exotic lands that have yet to have been explored.  One of my favorite actors in Brad Pitt did amazing in this movie and his link between the Dalai Lama was pure fascination as you can’t help but be drawn into his world in this movie.  I have yet to make it to Tibet and I am sure a lot has changed, but this movie really draws you into an ancient world and shows you how all cultures are different, but we all crave the knowledge that is life.
    3. The Beach – Probably the best backpacker book I have ever read, along with the Drifters, this has to go down as my top 12 movies just based on the greatness of the book.  Just watching and thinking back to my first real backpacking trip in Thailand brings me back.  It shows of a young Leonardo Dicaprio in search of the most unique place in the world and of course the beautiful girl as well.  He ends up going somewhat insane by all the crazies that run this paradise and takes us on a trip across the world to one of the most unique countries and cultures.  Every time I hear or see this movie it brings my mind to slinging a backpack over your shoulder and just going.  Not sure a movie can motivate more than this one to tap into your inner travel desires.  Thailand will always have a sweet spot in my heart.
    4. The Way – Having recently watched this again it really taps on a point close to my heart.  A lot of my local family really doesn’t understand why I travel and is thus confused by my wanderlust.  This movie not only shows you how inspirational travel can be, but it makes a great point to do it with the people you love while you can as you just don’t know where life will take you.  I am currently in the works to plan a trip and there are a lot of things that tell me to be cautious and conservative, but this movie really shows me you have to live while you can.
    5. Into the Wild – Supertramp is one of the most inspirational people I know as he really did what a lot of people think and lived his dreams.  Granted he may have paid for it in the end, but do you think he would of changed it for a second?  I constantly hear people say he was dumbest or most amazing person they have read/watched about.  It really just questions the societal norms and shows you a differenet viewpoint on how you should live your life.
    6. The Winds Journey – This movie just shows of the sheer beauty our world has and in such a small country as Columbia.  It follows also a very unique underground culture that is mainstream in Colombia which is Accordion players that tour for cash called Troubadour’s.  My favorite aspect of this movie was the culture of how acceptable it is to tramp around the country and battle fellow accordion players.  In the US no such culture exists so to immerse yourself in something so exotic really takes you a to a different land.
    7. Heima – After just finally seeing Sigur ros live I can only say they are pure beauty.  Like this documentary you just stare in amazement that something so beautiful in an unorthodox way can exist.  It is so different from anything we are used to that it just lures you in.  Sigur Ros in this documentary travels all over Iceland to play to small locals villages in the most beautiful spots in the country.  They take you on a magical journey through the land of elves and gnomes all to the soundtrack of one of the most amazing and truly unique bands.  The first time I saw this movie I don’t think I even said a word the whole time locked in the trance beauty of Iceland.
    8. 180 degrees South – “You learn how you got there is what is important and not how you got there”  I really try to live by these words in everything I do as this movie shows you to not look ahead to what could be, but to realize is what right in front of you in the now.  This is truly a remarkable movie of sheer resilience and perseverance.  After first watch I found myself watching 3-4 times usually with different people so they could see as well.  It really shows you what can happen if you leave your couch and put yourself out in the world at the mercy of her beauty.  Things don’t always go according to the plans but that is half the fun.
    9. Lost in Translation – Set in amazing Japan this movie really talks about connections that can be made of the strangest and beautiful importance while abroad.  These people have a glimpse in the grand scheme of life, but forever alter who or what you will become and look back on fondly.  It also really links in the notion that we are all lost in this world and looking to share the experience with each other.  In my mind it is the most humble of notions and can really free you from all your insecurities as we all have them and are all really trying to grasp at what is it all for.
    10. Life of Pi – This movie starts out with India shots and all its colors and magnificence.  It immediately draws you into what India is or what I think it is as I have never been there.  Its story is an incredible one that really leaves you to your inner child imagination and let’s you think of what it was like to have all these vivid dreams of what the world was like as a child.  It also draws upon the actual amazement of the human spirit and how we can survive in the most intimidating of circumstances.
    11. Up – This adventure of an older man and a young boy who tags along on the journey to another world really inspires the wandering soul of any age person.  Up until the day we die I am sure most people still feel like a kid at heart and this really reached out to me in that regard.  I love the message it sends to kids and always inspires me to push your limits and we all are explorers at heart.
    12. One Week – This is the most recent movie I watched and it blew me away.  I have been talking forever about taking my dog and wife up to Canada and road tripping around.  Most people reply to that as Canada has nothing to offer, but this movie proves them otherwise.  It also goes to show you that travel is everywhere and a lot of it is just a state of mind.  This movies though as similar to a lot of other ones really goes to show you to do what your dreams are while you have the chance as something can happen and you just never know.  I really like the humor factor that is put in this one on what various travelers value.  He valued some of the most obscure aspects of his journey, but everybody has different fascinations that make us all unique and human.

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