SF Roaming (Bayview/Silver Terrace)

Back in 2012 after being released from the hospital I told myself I would live life more in the moment and explore all I could to keep on learning.  With an idea in mind I figured I would roam as much of SF as I could.  Since then I have got a little more systematic about it and am trying to explore everystreet in San Francisco

IMG_0095A few weeks ago I took the 24 Muni all the way out until it ended through Castro, noe, Bernal, and finally Bayview I got a look at the city from a different view.  This is a part of the city I had never visited and upon disembarking was immediately struck by the atmosphere.  Primarily African American in a city that has through its day seen its part of gentrification this part still has amazing colorful vibes.  I stopped into the African Outlet right on 3rd st (Formerly in Hayes Valley) and talked a little with the owner on some of the pieces that come from Benin as Kristin will be heading there in the fall for work.  This shop is so much fun to wander and just see all the amazing art that comes from Africa and the owner has so many interesting stories on her adventures in Africa.

Next up I stopped and got some BBQ for lunch at Let’s Eat BBQ which was nice in a city lacking much in the way of BBQ.  As I walked further down 3rd street the crowds started to fade as you climb up the alphabet of streets.  Finally I got towards Yosemite and was told to try Trouble Coffee.  This shop seemed so out of place as it was a garage coffee shop with a crazy monkey bar looking structure in front of it.  IMG_0097

Not really wanting coffee I just meandered up the hill into Silver Terrace to check out more of the local living arrangements and was rewarded with views of Twin Peaks on 1 side and the bay on the other.  I love how as you wander San Francisco you get all these glimpses of different areas and you can view something you have seen so much with new eyes depending on what peak or hill you stand on.  This neighborhood had the feeling of a real community of people that new each other as all the neighbors said hi to each other and new there names.  I was taking a picture of some amazing sunflowers when the owner of the house gave me a run down of the neighborhood and explained to me about a Sears Roebuck historical house across the street from 1910 that was a mail order house.  Really cool part of the city I would have never heard of had I not decided to see all of SF.

After slowly wandering back towards more familiar territory I was again blown away by the beauty and diversity that is SF.  Its these hidden coves, neighborhoods, peaks, and people that always make me feel alive in a city that is bubbling with creativity and energy.


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