Travel Jitters

Sitting in this airport (SFO) waiting for Kristin after just hearing she got a full-time job with her dream company I can’t help but feel so lucky and have a hard time understanding why we can get so lucky.  I feel as though I have changed so much since we did a trip like this to South America yet that boy had no fear, but this man has more than the boy.  The world is wide open to us for the next 5 weeks and that is very liberating and daunting as well.

My initial intention is for safety and adventure.  I want us to become children again and just see this new land in our eyes for the first time with no expectations.  Yesterday I did my first sensory deprivation tank experience.  After the first 30 minutes I settled down and was able to feel the floating sensation like I normally only feel with with the help of herbs.  The coolest thing was when my knuckles would crack the sound was so vivid and clear.  Upon leaving and entering the sensory world again all the colors were brighter and the air was breathed with complete awareness.  I want to keep that awareness with me for this amazing journey.

I felt lost on my way to the airport as I have been here a 100 times, but this trip is very foreign to my previous trips to this airport.  It has this aura of  nervousness as I get when I am embarking on something outside of my element like Mt. Shasta.  I am so excited for the prospect of the future.  I feel like I am starting a new and it is extremely liberating.  On this journey we will be travelling around SE Asia with a very tentative itinerary of into Saigon and out of Bangkok 5 weeks from now.

I get a feeling of being an artist sometimes just before you travel as the world seems to be really a blank canvas and your movements paint the strokes with the views and people you meet making up the scenery.  I hope to always have this feeling every time I travel for the rest of my life.


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