Traveller at home

NOPA Wandering

2 years ago I was hospitalized with a very serious kidney infection for 2 weeks.  After facing a potential life threatening stint in the hospital I vowed to make sure I lived my life to the fullest and to really focus on what I love. While walking down Hayes street 2 years to the day just a few blocks from my place I realized there were shops and buildings I never noticed before.  This got my mind thinking how I travel all over the world to have amazing experiences and I am blinded by what is around the corner right in my area.  I immediately bought a map and started to mark down every street I walked from that point onward in hopes of walking every street in San Francisco.

I started by just exploring my local neighborhood and was surprised just how much I found in areas I never walked before.  Whether it was a small restaurant I had never tried or a cool art gallery this city has all kinds of hidden gems. You think with the internet you can know everything, but soon realize nothing takes the place of a good walk to see things for as they are instead of the virtual world the internet can create.

NOPA 2I myself am going to explore as if I was travelling in some far off land in my own backyard.


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