The Hiro

Hiro Snow
A few months back I had a lot of change going on in my life with my father passing away, my wife travelling the world. Just coming back from being off of work for 2 months for the first time in 10 years and starting a new job. At this point I was given a gift of Hiro a dog that truly helps you see the little things in life. A completely different dog than Maddy he really forces you to slow down and see the world at a different pace. At a time when I could have easily got lost in the fast pace world we all become accustomed too oh so frequently he forced me to smell the roses literally.

While walking through one of my favorite parks in the city, the panhandle he introduced me to a new side I didn’t even know existed in the details that makes this world. I noticed trees I never paid attention to before, and flowers I never noticed blooming before that I stopped and smelled with him. It was a great contrast to Maddy who is all about exploring as much as she can which has its own rights in life as well. He forced me to truly slow down and appreciate how fast this life can be if you let it take you.

Sometimes people or in this case animals come into your life at the right time and Hiro was that dog. I am so glad to watch you and can’t wait till Dave and Vanessa go out of town again so we can smell the roses again.

Hiroji!!!!Hiro and Madster


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