Jet Lag

Tank Hill4am rolls around and I am magically up at this hour that is very unfamiliar to me unless I hadn’t slept yet from an inebriated night before.  Jet lag is in my blood and some say it is a bad feeling, but for me it exposes you to a whole new side of any city you travel too or if you just are ariving back home as I am currently.  Having just came back from China the day before I call on my best friend Madster and offer the words of Walk which immediately get her excited no matter what time it is.

Throw my camel pack on my back and get ready to go explore my city at this unusual hour.  Not exactly knowing where I am heading I just let Maddy lead me in which ever direction she is pulling.  She instinctively goes to her favorite park, but I am not in the mood to deal with the night creatures that lurk at these hours in Buena Vista so I guide her along the edges and climb up letting her roam the outskirts of the park she knows so well.  As we get near the top of the park I put her back on her leash and start up through the the rows of Beautiful Victorians that have lines these streets for over a hundred years.  Having been in China for the last 3 weeks this is a welcoming change and really makes me appreciate the beauty of where I live.

As we keep heading up and up through Ashbury Heights and then through some secret stairs I have meandered many times I figure it will be a good chance to go up to Tank Hill and catch the beauty of SF at night.  We climb the steps up to our final stop for a bit on top of tank hill to sit and just take in the lights.  The car lights flowing through the city like the Qi in our body slows to a turtle pace at this hour and all is peaceful.  It is one of those few night a year in SF when you can walk around at night with just a t shirt, but the breeze up here is perfect to just sit and lose yourself in the skyline that is San Francisco.  I sit on the bench what seems like 30 minutes and just lose myself until Maddy nudges me with her nose trying to tell me it is time to move on.

As we descended back into the depths of the upper Haight its hilarious to see all the kid bums scrambling out of Buena Vista before the cops come hand out tickets.  The city slowly starts to awake as I make it back home to wake up Kristin for work and then head to my local coffee shop (Coffee to the People) to enjoy a breakfast burrito and tea.

Time to pass out now, but never forget everything has it’s positives even jet lag!


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