Grateful Home

Three years ago to the month my wife, dog, and myself decided to uproot our very familiar life in St. Petersburg Florida and move to San Francisco.  Before departure I got a lot of comments about how crazy we were to give up our friends, comforts, and routines to  go to a city that I had never even visited before.  Upon arrival we really questioned our move and if it was the right decision as even our dog seemed out of sorts when we arrived to our new company provided home in Hayes valley on the infamous Haight St.

That familiar new lost feeling upon arriving to a new city where you know nobody overtook us in all aspects of our senses.  It was the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.  I remember one point where we were entering the underground Muni and were proud of ourselves for just figuring out how to buy a ticket to get through the gate, but proceeded to try every option possible to scan our ticket before somebody showed us how simple and stupid we must have looked.  Now I look back and can’t even remember that person almost as you grow so fast and learn how to survive in any circumstance.

Now 3 years later I think back on all the great things that I would have never experienced had I not moved into our amazing neighborhood and this very colorful city.

  • Finding random goodies that people leave on the street outside for foraging and also putting things on the street and seeing how long they will last.  My best find was our computer chair that we still use today.
  • 2 stamp Tuesday at my favorite Haight St. Market
  • Walking miles on end through Buena Vista/Corona Heights/Pan handle/Alamo Square/Golden Gate Park or any hill we can find with my best friend Maddy
  • Summer St. Faire’s on Sunday’s like “How Weird” that shows you how SF likes to day party
  • Finding some of the most creative and inspiring people I have ever met in my life
  • Pushing myself to learn things I never thought possible like backpacking/snowboarding/rock climbing to name a few

I could go on and on with this list forever as I am so grateful to have found a place where I feel so free to express myself and call my home.  I truly have grown more in these 3 years than I ever thought possible and can’t wait to see where my life goes as I continue to lay my head at night in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Cheers San Francisco for always keeping me on my toes!

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