The Neighborhood

   Madrone Dog HelpIn the Constant flux of change that is San Francisco you learn to rely on some local spots that really just make’s your neighborhood and the city feel like home.  Sunday after a great Reggae show at the Independent, our go to music venue in Western Addition, we decided to swing by one of our favorite after show bars for a beer at Madrone Art Bar.  This bar as far as I am concerned epitomized what San Francisco stands for, as not only does it serve great beer that is constantly changing and unique cocktails, but they constantly have interesting art from all over the Bay Area displayed that changes from day to day.


This trip was no different then previous trips as they had all kinds of new art all over the place and a great xylophone band jamming out perfect tunes to chill further from my reggae induced coma.  Whether I am looking to dance or relax in the back and watch some cool movie on the big screen I always look forward to coming here and really feel like its one of the many reasons I love San Francisco.  While using the restroom I noticed all kinds of hilarious art that really was just printed off somebody’s computer, but the cleverness behind it simply blew me away.  It’s those little treasures that I really feel art can bring as it never loses its creativity.


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