Habitual Revelation

Secret GardenFog Walk

Routine is part of everybody’s life to some extent.  Mine typically involves me meandering through my favorite SF park every morning (Buena Vista) with my best friend Madster as she chases squirrels and frolics with the neighbor’s dogs.  I typically let Maddy lead the way as I follow her and get some much needed exercise myself.  I sometimes wonder if she is walking me or if I am walking her.


With this being a daily routine I tend to know this amazing park and its beautiful views, as the name would imply, extremely well.  So last week as Maddy was leading us on a trail I haven’t taken in a while I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a little garden with gnomes and all on a hidden trail inside one of the less traveled areas.  I was taken aback by its beauty and it’s aroma’s as I looked on in awe and surprise.  It was a very small contribution to this grand park, but was almost like a little temple tucked away in a hidden cove of Beuna Vista.

These types of amazing discoveries really make me feel like I am a tourist in my own city with so much to discover around every corner and is another reason why I love this city so much.  One great lesson learned from all of this is routine is meant to be broken, but not always in the conventional sense.  I started to get so used to Buena Vista Park that I took for granted its magnificence.  This little garden broke me out of my typical trance like walk and made me open to the vast beauty that is and always will be Buena Vista



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