Niger3 Cups of Tea

On my first trip to West Africa I went to Mali Africa to meet my best friend Josh.  We met in the capital Bamako and from there went on to Mopti for a 3 day long boat ride on a Pinasse (Dugout Canoe) with 6 other people from around the world.  Upon arriving to the fabled city of Timbuktu we rolled in with a literal cloud of dust as we were on the outskirts of the biggest desert in the world…The Sahara.  Timbuktu was a fabled city to be unreachable by Europeans and alike and had many stories of the cities vast riches based on the silk and salt trade.


This city was probably the most desolate place I had ever been to in my life with some of the most interesting people and atm  ospheres I had ever experienced.  I truly had been to the end of the earth I had felt and words to be spoken between Josh and myself would not have done anything justice so we just stayed silent in awe of how far we had both come and how far we both had to go in our lives.Upon our arrival to the fabled city we decided to go on a walk to see what Timbuktu had to offer.  With no map and only our sense of adventure to guide Josh and I around we started to walk.  We quickly realized that the streets were actually pretty numbered so we wouldn’t get lost and decided to try our best to get lost.  Turning a few corners we quickly realized that this city was like no city we have ever been before.  With the naked kids running all over the place and yelling Toubab at us, or the pounds of sand our nostrils inhaled we definitely were in the middle of nowhere as the city proclaims.  Getting lost on such an adventure really made both of us go inside our heads and just continue walking while trying to take in all the stimuli that was so foreign to us.  I don’t think we said more than 1 word to each other for about 30-40 minutes as we walked through the sand streets.  Upon reaching the end of the last building we slowly climbed a hill at sunset to view the most amazing display the earth had to offer and then we turned around to try and find our bearings back.

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