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Courtesy of the

Upon hearing the news that the “Silly Pink Bunny” in the lower Haight was being removed I immediately felt a tinge in my stomach of pain.  This statue that really meant more to me than a typical San Franciscan seemed like the end of an era.  Let  me explain as upon first arriving in this amazing city I call home I almost saw this statue as an emblem of all that San Francisco stood for as it made no sense in the conventional sense and was one of the first things I saw upon moving into our place in the city across the street.  I felt right at home immediately and always showed it off to visitors upon there arrival.

I assumed it was being removed for some sort of a renovation to the old building behind it, and started in on how San Francisco was changing for the worst.  After talking to my wife about my perceptions she immediately told me that I was being a typical San Franciscan by not embracing change and complaining that San Francisco was going down the drain.  upon reflection of these remarks I thought back again to why I loved San Francisco and not only was it just a weird city, but it was a constantly changing city.  It seems you can be gone from a neighborhood for a month and it can completely reinvent itself.  Whether it is good or bad change it’s up to perception, but change is inevitable and has been part of San Francisco Lore and history throughout time.

These small or big changes depending on how you look at it make and shape not only San Francisco, but life as well. One of the constants in life is that there is no constants has now been a life lesson I have picked up from SF over these last few years.

RIP Silly Pink Bunny as you taught me more than you know!


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