El Diablo Peaking

Trail Through Time

At the beginning of every new year I make a list of all the goals I want to work at accomplishing over the next year.  They can be as big as learning an art form or as small as learning to cook a specific dish.  On the top of my list this year was Mt. Diablo just east of San Francisco and the highest peak in the bay area.  On a clear day in the city you can see the mountain looming over the city far to the east and it is said to have magical powers that one can only tap into after concurring its grueling 14 mile trek up to the summit.  For the last 2 years I have refused to do any hikes on it as the first would be the old fashioned way from base to summit.

With all that legend I had to donate a precious Saturday night and pass out early in order to tackle this peak.  Come Sunday morning I started bright and early at 7am for the drive out east.  The best thing about leaving early on Sunday is no traffic to battle so I made it to start my trek at 7:45.  It was a cold and windy morning and I only saw 1 other person on the trail the whole way up.  After the adrenaline wore off of the first few miles I got into the groove of hiking and blasted some Rage Against the Machine to keep me motivated.  Three hours later I ascended to the top of what is Mt Diablo and was greeted by a whole slew of bikers out to concur this mountain in a different way.  While on top I grabbed some much needed food I packed and enjoyed the sun that cleared away the clouds at the perfect moment.

Diablo Summit

After paying my respects to the magical mountain I pushed my body all the way back down the grueling 7 miles, but in my mind some of the best parts of the trip as the destination is great, but the journey is what encompasses the majority of your time.  Upon arrival back into civilization one of my favorite parts of a hike is the after meal when you can eat as much as you want and I did that at 5 guys burgers which magically appeared.  Maybe this mountain does have some sort of magic.

This will go down as one my most anticipated peaks in a my life as I have been talking and staring at this mountain since I moved to the bay area and it really got me excited for the upcoming spring and summer hiking season.  Hiking and travel to me accomplish the same lust I have to explore as you never know what will come around the next corner.  Sometimes you have this anticipation of a place and one of the best feelings in the world is when that expectation is exceeded or completely different. You never know what it will be like until you get out and experience it for yourself.


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