Golden Hour

Mt Davidson sunsetWith everything being so chaotic in my wife’s schedule with school any chance I get to spend a little time with her I take it.  Yesterday she wanted check out Mt Davidson a peak in SF just behind Twin Peaks.  So we decided to go at the golden hour as she calls it.  The quick 15-20 minute window before the sun sets or after it rises and the whole sky turns golden.  It really is a magical hour that is probably the most peaceful time of the day if your outside or by a window to enjoy it.

When we got to the top of Mt Davidson we realized we got there a little early, but that didn’t matter at all as this peak really was amazing in its own right.  We took Maddy and our friends dog Hiro for a little exploring and found a magical looking tree that has probably been staring at the SF skyline and how has it has changed patiently for a hundred years.   The way the park seemed to be alive with flocks of Robins flying by and all the thick greenery everywhere really made it seem like you were no longer in the most densely populated city in the US.

Mt Davidson

After leaving the park we decided to scoot over to Ocean Beach to watch the last 15 minutes of the sunset.  Which to our surprise was right smack in the middle of the golden hour as the sky lit up and the water reflected almost magical rays of light into our eyes.  The dogs were in pure heaven being able to run and play you would think they understood this magical hour and how special it is as well.  We legitimately were in the moment and nothing else mattered between Kristin and I during that 15-20 minutes as time seemed to stop.

Upon return Kristin said “that is exactly what I needed to keep me going”.  I think we all need those moments in life to keep on going.  In this world that is constantly more demanding and where it gets harder and harder to disconnect from the pulse through technology we need to make sure we realize that our environment is just as important to pay attention to as our busy schedule.  Tomorrow is on to another goal in life as I will to concur Mt. Diablo!


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