Working to travel

The last few weeks I have been on the road travelling quite a bit, but it has mainly been work related.  As far as work travel goes it seems to drag on sometimes as you go the same places and spend most of your time working through issues in some sort of a conference room for me.  When I first got into my career path I chose something that would expose me to travel.  Now that I am on that path I realize that work travel is totally different than personal travel.

What I have been thinking about as of late a lot though is why does it have to be work travel is different.  Sometimes you get sent to these incredible places and are forced to spend time with people you may or may not usually spend time with, but why not still break away to explore?  That may not always work, but the one thing that I have learned through time is that travel doesn’t always mean going somewhere exotic or out of the ordinary as its almost a state of mind.  You can live in a city your whole life and still find things to explore as times change and the world is in a constant flux.

With that being said I got down to San Diego last week for work and got there a day early this round to enjoy what is SD.  I have been there at least 10 times over the last 2 years for work and haven’t really got a good feel for the city and its neighborhoods so with that in mind I decided to stay in a different hotel on Del Mar Beach.  This neighborhood reminded me a lot of St. Pete beach as a big tourist spot, but fairly cheap compared to a lot of other areas in California.  The beach was hard to get to from my hotel, but was a fun journey over some railroad tracks and sliding down a big cliff. The water was  cold (59 degrees), but warm compared to SF so I did jump in for a few minutes before everything went numb from the cold.  I ended up having the  beach to myself as this wasn’t a very easy stretch to climb down too and it isn’t really yet.

I spent a total of 3 nights there and got to check out the local restaurants when work didn’t call and found 2 that I really loved. First was Poseidon Del Mar Restaurant and had there great happy hour prices for some oysters and amazing lobster mac and cheese.  Another night I went a little further north to Solano beach for my favorite dive brewery in SD to Pizza Port.  If your ever in SD and like beer I highly recommend this place as not only is the beer some of my favorite in the world, but there pizza is amazing too and we had some Pork Wings which were tasty for cheap.

San Clemente Candy styleI also decided to head further north to San Clemente to see an old friend and his new wife for a few beers and to check out a little more of Southern Cali.  This town seemed like a quiet beach town with good restaurants and mostly all the shops were closed when I got there with the exception of this candy store called Rocket Fizz.  I actually found in there some Australian licorice which I hadn’t had in years and loved so that was kind of a cool find.  Didn’t get much time to spend here, but what little I did see was a great little small Southern Cali town.

All in all this really opened my eyes to again the art of travel is what you make of it.  You can be in a horrible place, but there is always things to explore.  I kind of got down on work travel over the last 6 months or so and this opened my eyes that you can still get to know a place and explore, but you may have to push yourself a little harder.  The beauty of travel has always been to me that it isn’t simple all the time and it isn’t always the most glamorous of times.  Sometimes you just have to go and make the journey yourself against what you think is right.


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