Guatemala Life Changer

New Fiance and myselfOn December 22nd 2007 my wife and I took at trip to Guatemala and it really changed my life as I got engaged on an amazing volcano to my best friend and woman I love as well as visited my first Energy Vortex.  Both of these events had a profound change that effected my life to this day.  Below is a story of just one of our many our magical journies  to Guatemala back in 2008.

Strike the Pose

Life Stopping in Semuc Chempay, Guatemala

I have always considered myself a spiritual person by nature.  I never really understood what that meant, but in Guatemala a lot of my senses were awakened to types of energy that is prevalent beyond our control as humans.  A key moment among the many that was experienced in Guatemala was a trip we took to Semuc Chempay Guatemala.  We started off taking a mini bus to the park entrance where we proceeded to hike up these narrow paths for an amazing view of all these perfectly clear little ponds of water that had an aqua green tint to them.  We then proceeded to actually hike down to this amazing pond/river and float and cleanse our bodies with this crystal clear water.  This was the beginning of a peaceful and relaxing day where Kristin and I just played with this amazing natural wonder.

The real time when I was able to actually almost stop time and realize the energy force previously mentioned was at the end of the day around sunset when we took a tube down another nearby river.  After first jumping into this river by rope swing at about 30 feet up we proceeded to just float down this cold crystal clear river letting the smooth current guide us along as if we were dancing with the river.  As the trip went on I got a little cold as it was later in the afternoon and was just staring into the sky when I rounded a turn by myself and suddenly the sun hit me dead on through a group of trees and warmed me.  It was as if time stopped or the river let me feel this amazing sun and I just stared blindingly into the sun’s

Bathing away my sinsrays realizing the moment I was in.  It probably only lasted for a moment, but it warmed me for the next 25 minutes of our trip down the river.  It was as if I was being told by the sun, river, and all natural forces that time can stop if you learn to appreciate these small moments in life.


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