SF Dogpatch Tramping

As of late my wife and I have taken to checking out all the neighborhoods that San Francisco has to offer.  It is a cheap and easy way for us to rediscover our city.  It seems like every time I check out a new or old neighborhood it never seems to amaze me how much has changed or how much creativity goes on in this city.

Dogpatch parking violationThis particular neighborhood the Dogpatch has a very gritty feel too it that reminds me of my home (Detroit) sometimes.  There is a main drag on 3rd st. that takes you through the artery of the neighborhood and all kinds of hidden treasures along the way on the side streets.  Surprisingly it was completely dead on a Friday happy hour time which is kind of a nice break from the busy city sometimes.

On the way out we were able to catch the sunset off one of the local fishing spots just around the corner from the dogpatch.  I miss living within a stones throw of the ocean as you get the best sunset.

Local fishing dock outside the Dogpatch

Very cool vibe and atmosphere and a few good local watering holes to check out next go round.


2 responses to “SF Dogpatch Tramping

    • There are actually a lot of areas along the old docks and electric buildings that are dilapidated, but the neighborhood itself is actually really nice with a lot of lofts for artists and such to work.

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